What is Responsive Web Design?

A Responsive web design is one which hold it’s fundamentals on combining CSS, CSS3 and JavaScript to generate such layouts and site designs that can contract, enlarge, rearrange, remove or enhance content according to user’s screen size. Now with Responsive web design there remains no need to develop different websites for devices with that has various screen sizes and resolutions. A wide range of displays can be satisfied by Responsive web design whether it is an iPhone or a 27-inch monitor, just one site possesses all the capabilities to display optimally on everything. Benefits are apparent, mentioned below:

  • Regardless the device is; customers can easily interact with a website.
  •  With Responsive web design customers wouldn’t have to compromise for disoriented web pages
  • The content of your website will never be scattered therefore it will always be convenient for a customer to visit your website

Where customers find a more convenient website the usability improves that leads to a massive increase in the traffic for your website.

Responsive Web Design Benefits SEO

Responsive web design has benefited SEO to a great extent. For example, you have to create a website for desktop browsers, and then another one for smart phones, another one for tablets and each website requires time and maintenance separately. Then there are expenses for developing and designing all the websites. Considering the perspective of a search engine, each and every website requires links to increase the ranking, also expenses increase when you would need a specialized SEO expert for each and every website that you have created. Fortunately with Responsive web design now an alternative exists. One responsive website that fulfills all the features of any device, whether desktop, smart phone or tablet. One website means minimum cost, no more time consuming and no need for maintaining several websites. With Responsive design only one site would need link building therefore it will be a search engine friendly website. All your concentration and attention would just be for one.     

Responsive Web Design – The Best Solution 

According to the recent statistics of 2012, only 9 percent of websites are ready for mobiles. Another study shows that 57 percent of users will not recommend a company and avoid visiting that company’s website which has a bad mobile site. Where as 40 percent of users will find it convenient to visit a competitor’s website with responsive web design rather than going for websites with poorly optimized mobile site. People having a disoriented mobile website are loosing customers at high rates because usability of the website is of great concern. The best leading solution is Responsive web design as it eliminates all the problems of usability. It generates great traffic as nowadays browsing and searching are done via smart phones and tablets. Responsive web design is a complete pack for a well established website as it is also beneficial to SEO.